Saturday, February 05, 2011

Total Wellness Transformation: Hank's Journey - The Next Leg

The Diary Of The
Next 50lb Weight Loss

Hank here.

I hope you had a great week - it was an extremely busy one for me, but it flew by. I rested last weekend, per doctor's orders...but I was back with a vengeance this week, attacking my workouts hard each morning.

I have to thank Carl for his footnote from last week's blog entry. It ties in nicely with what I want to say this week. I've said it before: this is a journey. Numbers on the scale are just mile markers along the way.

Success is measured in the fact that I feel better and my health has improved. That people I haven't seen in awhile notice the progress. That I have to keep getting smaller clothes. That my doctor was so impressed by my progress and the overall improvement of my health that he now wants to be a Coach after I brought him some Shakeology packets and the "Doctors Don't Lie" DVD.

So last week was a milestone, surpassing 50lbs lost. It was a great day, but the next day was even better because it started the next leg of the journey. Each day is a chance to nourish my body, to move it and fuel it and make it stronger. As Carl said, I don't have a specific finish line in mind because, well...this is a lifestyle transformation. It's ongoing, it's not going to finish. But I am all about enjoying the journey.

It's Super Bowl weekend, which used to
mean a marathon of overindulgence in some of the worst foods imaginable. But Carl has proclaimed Monday, February 7th National Before Day! I'm going to get a jump start on it by bringing some healthy Super Bowl food to the big party. This year, it's a whole new perspective!

Instead of the fattening dips that add calories left and right, I'm making mine out of Greek yogurt seasoned with cilantro, basil, garlic and chili powder. Instead of chips and crackers, I'm letting fresh veggies bring the crunch to the party.

Here's another great snack that satisfies the salty/savory cravings on game day:

  • Take some raw almonds and toss them in a mixing bowl. Spray them with a little bit of cooking spray or olive oil (just enough to coat them as you stir them up).
  • Now, use your spices to create the flavors you want. Cracked black pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon - whatever your taste is - and sprinkle the spices over the almonds until they are coated.
  • Then, pop them onto a baking sheet and roast them in the over at 300 degrees for about 12 minutes. Low sodium, high in nutrients and flavor!
For dessert, I'm making frozen Shakeology pops. Chocolate and Greenberry. Mix it up with your favorite ingredients, then fill up some popsicle molds and throw them in the freezer. When everyone is enjoying the chocolate-y goodness or the tangy zip of Greenberry, you can take that opportunity to share Shakeology because, of course, you will have packets and info on hand! (HINT.)

If you want to kick off National Before Day early and not get derailed, don't be afraid to bring your own healthy food the party. You can still enjoy the fun, the cheering and the festivity, but odds are, you won't be feeling as awful as most people will on Monday, after they consume junk for hours on end.

That's where I'm at this week. I'm down another 1.6lbs. I had a lightbulb moment with my Coach this week. He pointed out that I have burned a significant amount off and am replacing it with muscle. Then he cautioned me not to get obsessed with the numbers on the scale. In any case, I have to go get some new belts, because I'm literally down to the last hole on my belt and my pants are still falling off. So, I'm off on the next leg! Let's do this.

Until next time,

Another footnote from Carl:

Here's a Shakeology dessert recipe provided by Babak Azad. Enjoy the Super Bowl!

The recipe is simple.

2 cups oats

2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology

3 scoops protein powder (certainly optional, but I’m on a high-protein diet right now)

4 tbsp honey

4 tbsp almond butter

1/2 cup almond milk

Splash of vanilla flavor

Few sprinkles of cinammon

Shredded coconut - for making balls from bars

Combine everything in a bowl and with a spatula, mix all the ingredients. It will seem like it’s too dry but with some mixing, it will get pretty moist. I usually spread on a pan and chill.

Because it can be a little sticky, my wife improved this recipe by making small balls and rolling in shredded coconut – it’s not a strong coconut flavor but helps to make it less sticky and easier to put into and take out of a Ziploc bag.

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