Monday, January 03, 2011

Featured Success Story - Angie Wright

This is why we do what we do!

The right tools, discipline and determination will improve your health and your life can do to help you achieve dramatic results. Check out this amazing transformation from customer, Angie Wright:

I'm Angie Wright from Newburgh, Indiana and this is my success story...

I'm a 36 year-old wife and mother of one. I consider myself an "ordinary" woman. I was a size 12, but during my pregnancy, I gained 65 pounds. I eventually lost the weight a year after the birth of my son, but a few years later, I had gained back those 65 pounds, plus an extra 20 and I'm embarrassed to admit I was wearing a size 20W. I weighed more than I had at the height of my pregnancy!

I was embarrassed, unhappy and depressed. One night in December, I saw the infomercial for 10-Minute Trainer and as I watched it I thought, "I can do 10 minutes!" so I ordered it. I started working out in February, using the nutrition plan and following to the calendar, starting with two 10-minute sessions 6 days a week.

At first, I couldn't do everything, but like Tony says - "do your best and forget the rest." Within 4 months, I had lost 50 pounds! That was such an amazing accomplishment - especially when people noticed that I had lost weight! By September, I had achieved my goal of losing 80 pounds. I've since lost another 10 pounds for a total weight loss of 90 pounds! I'm muscular and toned and I love the way my body looks.

When people asked what I did, I am proud to say it's thanks to Tony Horton and 10-Minute Trainer. I'm proud of the way I look and of the way I accomplished my weight loss; through hard work, eating right and focusing on my goals.

I'd like to thank Beachbody for helping me become a better, healthier wife, mom and person!


Karla Mohtashem-Reese said...

CONGRATULATIONS ANGIE!! I SO identify with your story!! I gained more weight than I when I was pregnant too. I was depressed and unhappy. NOW I AM LOVING LIFE!! GO GET IT GIRL!!!!

ilovetosweat said...

What an awesome story!!! You look fabulous, Angie! Now go pay it forward!