Monday, January 17, 2011

When Will They Learn? Piracy Doesn't Pay!

You'd think people would support an organization committed to helping people, rather than rip us off. Alas, the piracy continues. But the good news is, so does our commitment to enforce our rights and the rights of coaches who work so hard to end the trend of obesity by helping people succeed with our programs!

"Trevor! We found another one... Call legal!"

Yes, Beachbody just received another judgment of $80,000 plus attorneys’ fees against an individual in Louisiana who was selling counterfeit P90X. Add that to a recent judgment we were awarded for $35,000 and that makes over $115,000 against counterfeiters this month!

Oh, let's not forget about the $2.15 million judgment I told you about in November.

We are not messing around, because every dollar recovered goes to support the sustainability of this business and new product development so we can truly help as many people as possible.

Each month, our Legal and Anti-Piracy teams investigate hundreds of reports of counterfeiting of our products, from large-scale operations to the onesy-twosy "I only burned it for a friend" folks.

Beachbody simply will not rest when it comes to protecting its valuable products and their contribution to a business that needs resources to further its cause of ending the trend of obesity.

Huge credit to our entire Legal and Anti-Piracy Teams who are dedicated to tracking down and nailing the counterfeiters and pirates out there who think it's okay to steal these programs!

To report any pirated or counterfeit Beachbody products, please email:


Trainer T.s Fitness said...


This piracy along with other acts like, this ruin it for everyone.

When you do things that are just wrong, you should have to pay the penalty!

Beachbody has the best workouts, and they are worth every penny.

Bear/ said...

Great job!

I agree - worth every penny. Keep up the great work!

It's a shame people take advantage in so many cases - I guess it shows how great the product is.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I realized my system was a counterfeit when there were so many spelling errors in the guides and I decided to look it up, and I definitely was upset, even though the DVDs seem to be exact, the guides are all wrong, not worth saving a few dollars for.

Jeff Ochoa said...

Awesome!! Keep up the great work guys. I know i have sent in a few site so I am trying to do my part as well.

Sheryl Birk said...

I'm glad to hear! I don't like people who steal. This is a product that works in so many ways and is worth paying for! Great Job Legal Guys!!

Still Wandering said...

What Beachbody stands for is something I can stand behind.

Anonymous said...

I am glad a a coach and trying to sell your products it becomes very difficult when people are selling burnt copies.

Lisa Decker Griffith said...

Thank you so much for protecting the brand we love so much brand! You guys rock!