Saturday, January 01, 2011

Total Wellness Transformation: Hank's Journey - New Year's Evolution

The Diary Of A 50lb Weight loss Journey
It's Hank Here...and it's 2011!

Happy New Year! As 2010 was winding down,
I was thinking ahead to 2011. Shaun T. posted something on Facebook yesterday I thought was the perfect sentiment to take me into the New Year, so with all credit and due respect, I'm going to steal it. "Let's make this New Year about EVOLUTION rather than RESOLUTION."

I know I've made New Year's resolutions in years past that ended up being fleeting. But I am already committed to this evolution, so that's the perfect mindset for me. Instead of going out on New Year's Eve and getting crazy, I decided to do something different; stay home and get rest. Instead of ordering in deep fried Chinese food or pizza, I decided to do something that was truly good for me and would keep me on track. I wanted to finish
2010 on a strong note, so my last meal of 2010? A nice, creamy Chocolate Shakeology!

I decided I wanted to get started right in 2011. Instead of partying all night and sleeping until the afternoon (and possibly waking up with a wicked hangover from too much tequila), I was in bed before the ball dropped at midnight and I awoke this morning rested and ready to get it done. I just had a great workout and it felt great to be off to such a strong start.

I'm excited about where I will be a year from
now, and while I like to glance to the horizon occasionally, I try to stay focused in the here and now. I'm making choices and taking actions that are bringing results. My body is literally changing. I'm stronger, I have more endurance, I sleep better, I think more clearly. And it feels good!

So now, the Holidays are officially over and it's time to focus. I'm making my list of goals and really thinking about what I want and what it's going to take to achieve it. I'm beyond lucky to have a job that I love, to work with people that I truly care about and enjoy and to have my family and friends. Now I get to add my improved health to that list, thanks to Carl and Team Beachbody Coaches for their support and inspiration.

There is much to be accomplished and a lot of
hard work ahead, but nothing that's worth doing is ever easy, right? So I'm ready for the challenges ahead and the rewards that wait just beyond them.

Today, I'm looking back fondly on 2010 and taking stock of the past few months. I stepped on the scale today and I'm down another 3.4lbs, which is a great way to start off the New Year. More importantly, that makes a total loss of 40lbs since September 17th!
I guess my resolution is to continue this evolution, cuz it's working!

I'm excited for 2011 and I wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and HEALTHY New Year!

Until next time,

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Jillian said...

9/17 is my birthday, so I KNOW you'll achieve your goal by then! You're doing amazingly well so far and I love reading your entries! =)