Sunday, January 23, 2011

Featured Success Stories - Chris and Tekoa Garrett

At Team Beachbody, we're all about people helping people. Unlike the other shake, pill, and gizmo companies, we have the tools and the support to help people transform their lives so they can inspire others to do the same. Some of the most inspiring stories come from people who find the first layer of support right within their relationship.

Check out this amazing husband and wife Success Story from customers-turned-Coaches, Chris and Tekoa Garrett:

Hi,we are Chris and Tekoa Garrett and this is our Team Beachbody Success Story...

In October 2009, my wife, Tekoa and I were in the worst shape of our lives. We ate horribly, lived a sedentary lifestyle and we were overweight, tired and weak. We were embarrassed by how we looked and never felt good about ourselves, but we were too lazy to do anything about it.

In Summer 2010, some friends were posting their P90X journeys on Facebook and that got me wondering, "What the heck is P90X?!?" I found Beachbody through researching P90X, which seemed a little too intense for us, so we purchased Power 90 as an impulse buy - and it changed our lives.

As we worked through the Power 90 program, we were seeing great results and we both wanted to try Shakeology, so I signed up as a Coach for the discount...initially. As friends, family and coworkers saw how drastically we were transforming our lives, we began sharing Beachbody, Power 90 and Shakeology. Our passion for helping others achieve similar success was ignited and Tekoa signed up as a Coach - and we've never looked back!

Every day, our passion for Beachbody's products and for inspiring, motivating and helping others grows by leaps and bounds. We have progressed to P90X and continue to see amazing results. I've lost 62 lbs and am ripped like never before and Tekoa has lost 35 lbs!

The Coach opportunity is not about the money for us - it's about the ability to do something we enjoy and most of all, the chance to guide others to a healthy lifestyle and provide inspiration and motivation along the way. The money is just an added bonus!

Thanks to the guidance of my Coach, Wayne Wyatt and my upline Coach, Josh Spencer, Tekoa and I continue to move up in rank and build our Coach business. The support tools, training and information shared between our fellow Team Beachbody Coaches have made it easier to transform not just our bodies, but our lives...and to help others do the same!

Thank you to Carl and Team Beachbody for helping us find our true potential and for giving us this opportunity to share it with the world!


marvinjtowler said...

I know our programs are the best, however I am always amazed at the results that happen when people simply choose to Decide, Commit and Succeed!

Chris and Tekoa Garrett said...

Thank You Carl! It is truly an honor to be a part of Team Beachbody!

Kevin said...

Chris, what you and Tekoa have done together is a wonderful inspiration. Please contact me. I need step-by-step guidance and would be honored if you would take the time to give it to me. ~KS