Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Site Survey Leaderboards

Hmmmm. Trying to decide between the Three C's: Caribbean, Canada or Cabo! Will you be one of the 3 coaches in January who helps us decide where the Success Club Reward Trip will be in 2012?

Every Friday through the end of March, we will be posting leaderboards of the top Success Club qualifiers...because there's something major at stake. For the first time ever, we want to give YOU the chance to help us choose the location for the 2012 Success Club Incentive Trip!

As announced on Super Saturday, we will take the top 3 Success Club qualifiers from each month in January, February and March to help us out on our luxury site inspections! Plus, they will get a to bring a guest - that's like another whole incentive trip in itself!

That's 9 Coaches total, plus their guests! We will be visiting three luxury locations: the Caribbean, Cabo and Canada. Each site inspection will be a 4 day, 3 night vacation where you will get wined and dined as you help decide which location will be deemed worthy of pampering our Coaches in 2012.

Once we've got our 9 top qualifiers, we will draw at random and determine who goes where. 3 Coaches and a guest will go to each of the amazing locations to help us with the site inspections and see the best each has to offer. Once the site inspections are complete and we get feedback from everyone, the final location will be announced at Summit 2011.

How do you stack up against the first leaderboard?:

First Name Last Name Total SC Points
Wayne Wyatt 25
Hillary Kelly 16
Rochelle Griffin 12
linda hodnett 12
Keith Callahan 10
Josh Spencer 9
jim hardy 9
Beth Himmelberg 8
Mike Ryan 7
Jana Conway 7
Kathy Pellissier 7
nicole steinert 7
Kelly Wilkins 7
Corrie Johnson 6
Suzy Stauffer 6
Janice McAnaney 6
Darren Natoni 6
Caroline VanZandt 6
jessica mcananey 6
Jennifer Melvin 6
Megan Schici 6
Lindsey Fisher 6
Shelly Southerland 6
MaryLouise Baker 6
Corin Hogan 6
Leanne Bloom 6
Aaron Klingensmith 6
Donna Barnes 6

*Results are as of 1/13/2011

As you can see, it's all tied up right now, but we're only halfway through the month, so you know the competition is gonna heat up! So keep building your team, earn those Success Club points and you may be helping us decide where we go to celebrate your success in 2012!

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