Friday, January 21, 2011

Obesity Costs More Than Exercise

According to a recently published report by McKinsey, did you know that in the U.S., we currently spend about $160 billion on obesity-related medical costs - twice the amount we were paying only a decade ago. And unchecked, it's projected that these costs could double again in seven years.

But that's only the beginning. The actual costs are three times that amount!

In addition to the direct medical costs, employers get hit with the costs of absenteeism, decreased productivity, and short-term disability.

Individuals who are obese pay for it not just by putting their health at risk; they spend more money on food, plus-size clothing, out-of-pocket health care costs and weight-loss solutions that don't work.

All told, the estimate is that obesity costs the United States... (take a breath)... at least $450 billion annually.

That's 450 big ones, BILLION, with a B. That's $1,465.76 for every person in the US, every single year... because of OBESITY! That is a lot more expensive than buying a fitness program, and replacing a meal a day with Shakeology could actually SAVE you money on what junk food costs!

What if we could change that? What if we could tell every person on the planet that we can literally wipe this problem out?!


We are the ones who are going to END THE TREND. Team Beachbody has the tools, but we need to put them in the hands of more people. The combination of our programs, diet guidelines, nutritional supplements and peer support deliver proven results. Yes it takes work. Yes people need to find some self discipline. And YES the rewards are plentiful when you do! "Decide. Commit. Succeed!"

As a Coach, YOU have the power to reach out and help literally save lives every time you muster the courage and enthusiasm to share Team Beachbody with someone!

Share the tools and programs. Offer support, compassion and encouragement. Help them by making them accountable to a start date, a schedule, and a goal.

The halls of Beachbody are lined with dramatic transformation stories of people who have succeeded. Don't you want to add people you know to those ranks?

No doubt we've got work to do, and we also have an immense opportunity! It's not going to be easy, but when a $400 million dollar company which has THE solution is staring at a $450 Billion dollar problem, the mission and opportunity is too great to rest!

We will not give up this fight. It's time to END THE TREND. Who can you help today? We need to build this team!

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