Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Guest Blogger - Scott Fifer of the GO Campaign

Having just finished a session of P90X Plyometrics, I can think of no better time than to 'guest blog' for Carl, if for no other reason than to give my burning quads a rest. Please do not change the channel. Your regularly scheduled blogging will return soon.Link
I was giving Carl an update on the productivity we have achieved with our GO efforts, thanks to the ongoing support of Beachbody and our income stream as a non-profit Team Beachbody Coach. Carl asked me to give the update as a guest blogger for him, so what better chance to celebrate Beachbody's Core Purpose: Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.

Part of living a healthy life is helping others. Beachbody has helped me, not only as a customer, but as a Coach, and as a partner in GO Campaign's efforts to help kids around the world live happier, healthier lives.

Accomplishments: In the past year, GO has built a school for vulnerable children in Cambodia, started construction on a health clinic for children in Tanzania, shipped medical and educational supplies to Haiti within weeks of the earthquake, and funded 22 other projects in 19 countries.

Beachbody played a big part in all of that! I'm not just talking about corporate donations, I'm talking about the Beachbody community - Coaches and customers who have thus far raised $32K toward the $100K goal of Beachbody Gives Back, talent like Tony Horton and his personal fundraising page, and even Beachbody staff volunteering for GO!

I'm also reading on Facebook that some of you are coming to the 2010 GO GO Gala, sponsored by Beachbody and hosted by Ewan McGregor (see Ewan & Tony from last year), where 100% of funds raised go toward programs for kids, from new classrooms in remote Peru to vocational programs in Nepal that rescue girls from sex slavery.

Tickets to the event are available online. Let us know if you want to sit near Tony, The Beachbody table, or Cheryl Tiegs. Hopefully you're inspired by the amazing things we are doing together - I know I am inspired by you every day! And now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging... Time to GO...

Dreya Weber hanging around at the 2009 GO GO Gala

Scott Fifer


Scott Fifer said...

Thanks for having me blog, Carl!

Tony Horton said...

Hey Kids,

If you're in the LA area Thursday November 18th please come join me, Scott Fifer, Ewan McGregor and plenty of other super fantastic people who love helping kids in need.