Friday, November 05, 2010

Total Wellness Transformation: Hank's Journey - A Milestone

Welcome To Hank's Journey: Total Wellness Transformation - Diary Of A 50lb Weight Loss

Hello, everyone, it's Hank here. It's been a crazy, busy week but a good one. Feeling better every day and I'm getting my strength back, thanks to working out and making sure I'm getting enough rest. As always, Shakeology is a regular part of my day - every day. I'm also using ActiVit Metabolism Formula and I think it's really helping me as I reprogram my body.

I drink so much water, I feel like I'm over hydrating or retaining some of it some days, but it's so key to stay hydrated. Like I said, I swore off soda mon
ths ago and don't miss it and I rarely drink alcohol (and even then, only in extreme moderation). I find that nothing quenches my thirst quite like some ice cold water. If I start to feel hungry, I now know that sometimes it's just a signal that I'm thirsty, so I'll go have a big glass of cold water and give it a few minutes.

I make sure to have "eating events" at regular intervals to help reduce cravings and make sure my body is getting a steady supply of fuel. My healthy snacks include raw nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts - all unsalted!), dried fruit, maybe some string cheese. All easy to keep on hand and grab as needed throughout the day, which removes any temptation to reach for something bad.

I get up early to get my workout in and
get it out of the way, because I never know what my schedule will be and I don't want to risk missing it if I work late or if I get home in the evening and don't feel like it. It's just easier to get up, get in the zone and get it done. It helps me start my day with a clear head and I feel like I've already accomplished something before I even leave the house.

Between the Shakeology, ActVit, hydration, cardio, resistance training, resting and eating controlled portions of lean protein, I'm on track, I feel good and I'm losing the weight in a safe, steady way that is good for me. Nothing drastic, nothing crazy, no starvation. Just changing bad habits and replacing them with better ones. Not a temporary change, a lifestyle change.

So that's my update this week as my jo
urney continues. I've got proof that Carl and Team Beachbody Coaches have the tools that work: I'm down another 2.6 pounds this week! I'm happy about that, but as I was writing this I had to catch myself and double check the math: since September 17th, I've lost 20.4 pounds. That doesn't suck! This is just a milestone, though. The journey continues...

Thank you for the support, encouragement and kind words.

Until next time,

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Carl Daikeler said...

I want to be first to say just how awesome this is. Twenty pounds man! That's a big deal! That's twenty pounds you're not lugging around all day - better on the knees, your organs are starting to sense things are changing! DIG IT! Proud to see you stay with it dude!