Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am always so filled with gratitude at this time of year.
Beachbody is on track for another record year, Team Beachbody is growing fast, and people continue to get real dramatic results from the products.

My family is healthy and happy. And we have the means to put our capital to use in ways that both build toward our goals, and help a lot of people.

It's like a dream, created on purpose with hard work and focus.

And speaking of gratitude, I got an email from Jack Rose from Raincatcher, who is deploying our first donation of water supplies in Haiti and Africa. His efforts are paying off and he is building momentum to have an even greater impact than any of us imagined. We will have video in the next few weeks to share showing our first Team Beachbody water tanks being installed in schools!

And don't forget, for every active coach as of 12/31/10, we will donate another $5 to help five people have access to water year round!

I truly am grateful for every coach who put their faith in this idea, from the founders to the people signing up to help us be ready for the big swell in January. You all are helping us lead the charge.

And I am grateful for all the hope and energy our corporate team and coaches put into growing this business every single day.

I love working alongside you guys!


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