Friday, November 12, 2010

"Vive Le Bike!" - Chairman's Club Adventure Leaderboard

Oh yes I do love to cycle. The fresh air, the pedals, the little tassels at the end of my handlebars...

There's only 50 days left
in the race for The Chairman's Club Bike Adventure and it's getting interesting! We're already seeing movement on the leaderboard as ambitious Coaches scrap it out to make it into the Top 10 and meet the qualification requirements.

So, how hard are you working to make it on the inaugural Chairman's Challenge Adventure trip?

If we were sending out invitations to the Chairman’s Club Adventure right now*, we would be booking flights to France for the Top 10 below:

First Last Total SC Points Rank
Josh Spencer 282 1
Hillary Kelly 255 2
Barbie Decker 190 3
Monica Gray 170 4
Mike Ryan 165 5
Lee Ratterman 155 6
Thomas Mygrant 154 7
Monica Ward 144 8
Julie Voris 127 9
Julie Schulte 123 10
Christina Richardson 121 11
Mindy Wender 120 12
Traci Morrow 120 12
Christine Dwyer 118 13
Brian Murray 105 14
Brad Gibala 104 15
Robert Hudgens 104 15
Jimmy Nelson 104 15
Pete Pena 102 16
Fran Patoskie 101 17

Yes, the Top 10 ranking remain unchanged since last week...for now. (But never count out the Yoopers) Mindy Wender is a fierce competitor, and Traci Morrow is no slouch tied for 12th. Christine Dwyer is in 13th and Brian Murray is in 14th. We have a 3-way tie for 15th, with Brad Gibala, Robert Hudgens and Jimmy Nelson. Pete Pena says "Aloha" to Fran Patoskie to round out the group at 16th and 17th place, respectively.

And the best part - all this effort, every exposure, every success club point, is a symbol that someone new is getting healthy and fit! That's how EVERYBODY wins in this game!

Keep building and if you're in the Top 10 when it's all done, I'll see you
en LA France! "Vive Le Bike!"

*To qualify for the Chairman’s Club Adventure bike tour through France, coaches must also be Elite, which means they:

• Must qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 for 9 consecutive months in 2010 or 8 consecutive months if qualified for Success Club 10 in May.
• Must be a paid 2 Star Diamond or higher by the end of the qualification period.
• Must have signed up 24 New Active Coaches. Coaches must achieve Active status at the close of the contest.

Must have produced an incremental Advancement Team Volume of 100,000 points for the 2010 qualification period compared to the 2009 qualification period.

So, of those who qualify for Elite, whoever generated the top ten most Success Club points is on the trip!

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