Monday, November 15, 2010

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Wallet! WOWY Weekly Winners 11/7 - 11/13

Who couldn't use some extra cash (or fantastic prizes!) around this time of year?!? Getting fit and healthy is more than its own reward with WOWY! Earn cash and prizes for being consistent and improving your health and fitness!

11/7 Brian Flatt won $300

11/8 Jennifer Penn won an Apple iPod Touch

11/9 Dan Finerty won $1,000

11/10 Paul Rhodes won $300

11/11 Sheila Warner won an Apple iPod Touch

11/12 Marisha Barber won $300

11/13 Alisha Crawford won $300

These people signed into the WOWY Super Gym to lose weight, get fit and find support - and they won big for doing it! You could be next, but you've gotta log into WOWY to be in the game!

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