Saturday, November 06, 2010

Success Story Of The Week: Tracy Garcia

I'm going to be featuring one awesome Coach Success Story whenever possible as we encourage you and your team to not just be productive at building your business but also to stay on track with your own health and fitness. So please submit your stories and those of the people you support so we can celebrate healthy success!

Success has the power to inspire others and change lives! Here is this week's Success Story, Tracy Garcia:

My name is Tracy Garcia and this is my Team Beachbody success story...

I had been living a life filled with unhealthy habits that I was using to mask pain and depression. I finally had to take a good look in the mirror and take responsibility for my weight problem. It was time to stop making excuses for myself and I made a decision to once and for all take action.

I decided to use Slim in 6 and
by the time I reached my 3rd week, I noticed a change in my body. It's amazing what a compliment and a slight change in your body can do for one's self-esteem. With a new attitude I went full steam ahead and no turning back.

My coach, Tami French is a firm believer in putting people first. She believed in what I was capable of before I had belief in myself. She is inspiring, motivating, and radiates a positive disposition. I admire and respect her as a coach and I am proud to now call her my friend. She has helped me put my nutrition and Beachbody supplements plan into action. As a result I have dropped 7 dress sizes. I went from a size 12 to a fantastic size 5. She has truly helped me to become a product of the product.

Now, I'm in great physical shape. I think more clearly I feel better about everything and I get more accomplished. Working out has given me a feeling of power, and strength. I have found peace within myself and my relationship with my family has become more positive. I'm not only changing the lives of people close to me but many strangers I now call my friends thanks to, thanks to Team Beachbody!

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