Sunday, November 14, 2010

Success Story Of The Week: Lisa Gorrell Burleson

I'm going to be regularly featuring amazing Coach Success Stories as we encourage you and your team not only to be productive at building your business, but also to stay on track with your own health and fitness.

So, please submit your stories and those of the people you support so we can celebrate healthy success!
Success has the power to inspire others and change lives! Here is this week's Success Story, Lisa Gorrell Burleson:

My name is Lisa Gorrell Burleson and this is my Team Beachbody success story...

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and diverticulitis. Three and a half years ago, I began experiencing numbness in my hand, chest and arm and was admitted into the hospital. They told me I had a stroke and sent me home with 11 different heart medications. The numbness got worse and I began to lose my ability to function. More extensive testing resulted in a diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), which left me devastated with a bleak outlook on life.

Earlier this year, a friend sent me a video of Cammie Lusk, who was also dealing with MS, so I related to her. As I watched her describe how Beachbody and its products had changed her life, I cried. Inspired, I signed up as a Coach (really just to get the discount, at first) and started with Shakeology. After only 4 days, my daughter came to me and said, "Mommy, do you realize you have not had a nap since you started drinking this shake?" Soon, I began to see a change in how I felt and I was losing weight!

I began working out with Turbo Jam and it was tough at first, but I kept with it. Now I am walking/running 4 miles a day and I'm working out with P90X and I have my life back! My diabetes and blood pressure are in perfect range and my overall health has drastically improved. At this point, I've lost
63 pounds and best of all, I have had a complete reversal of all my MS symptoms!

Thanks to support from fellow Coaches Julie Schulte and Cammie Lusk, I achieved Diamond Rank in 80 days and I am working hard to build my business and add more Coaches each week. I hope my story can give encouragement to others, just like Cammie Lusk did for me. Thanks to Team Beachbody, I'm able to share my success story. My story is my business - it gives me the opportunity to show people that anyone can get healthy and help them on their own journey. As Carl says, "
this is about people helping people."

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Marissa said...


We are our own health care plan. Congratulations and thank you, Carl, for making this a regular feature.

Coach Anna Gray said...

congratulations, so nice to see "real" people, doing "real" things and those things inspiring others, that is why we become coaches, its real and changes our lives!!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Congrats for another great idea!

I think it is awesome to see success that has come from the Beach Body programs.

"Changing lives all over this great nation of ours" just like Tony Horton says!