Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's End The Trend

The trend in obesity is tragic. And while most admit the trend is only gaining in momentum, everyone agrees there is a solution; lifestyle change.

How do you get 200 million people to eat better and exercise?
In 2007, Santa Monica-based Beachbody, LLC launched an innovation that uses a financial incentive to motivate people to make that lifestyle change. Beachbody is paying people – now over 42,000 people - to promote exercise and proper nutrition, starting with their own transformation and every additional success story they inspire.

The most valuable question in weight loss: “How did you lose the weight?”
When a person loses weight, people notice and ask: “How did you do it?” That usually leads to a product recommendation. It is our belief that if your discipline to get healthy creates demand for our products, you should get paid for it. Now people can get paid for it, by becoming what we call a “Team Beachbody Coach.”

Give everyone an incentive to promote a healthy lifestyle!
Our coaches are not fitness or nutrition experts. These are regular people who understand that the solution to obesity is exercise and proper nutrition. Beachbody simply added a financial incentive to adopt that healthy lifestyle and spread the word.

Healthy behavior is the basis for all Beachbody programs including P90X, Slim in 6, TurboJam, Body Gospel, Insanity and a breakthrough nutrition product called Shakeology. Coaches use the programs to get healthy, and people notice.

An Unlimited Financial Incentive To Be Healthy?
The revolution that transforms these programs from top sellers into an end of the trend of obesity is the financial incentive to not just lose the weight, but keep it off and share the experience with others.

Team Beachbody Coaches are influencing the behavior of more people everyday by sharing their success on social media like Facebook and Twitter, holding community meetings to present the business and holding free weekly “fit clubs” in their neighborhoods.

But what about the kids?
Each time a parent makes healthy food and fitness choices, the behavior of the household changes with them. Healthier food in smaller portions is served at the dinner table. Water replaces soda. Less time is spent in front of the TV. Kids are learning by example. They overhear their parents “selling” the value of a healthy lifestyle to prospects as they work to grow their Team Beachbody businesses.

The end of the bake sale and the candy-drive
Non-profit organizations like churches, PTA’s, and other charities are using our business model to raise money in a way that actually improves the health and vitality of their constituents! Tables displaying Beachbody products and sign-up sheets inviting people to attend local fit clubs are replacing bake sales and candy drives.

We've paid over $40 million to our coaches in 2010!
Team Beachbody Coaches earn 25% commission every time someone buys a product through their websites. And as a coach expands their team, they earn bonuses on those sales as well. It’s a classic Avon style multi-level compensation structure, but it’s likely the healthiest expression of network marketing in history; good nutrition and exercise, packaged to be affordable with a unique financial incentive to be successful.

Beachbody makes it turn-key
Beachbody spends millions of dollars each week on TV, Radio, Print and web advertising. This introduces consumers to our in-home fitness solutions and creates demand for our products. We set-up a personal webstore for every coach. We handle the fulfillment, processing, and customer service. The coach doesn’t have to buy and hold inventory. Their job is to follow what we call the “Game Plan”, a 10-step outline that includes being active, eating better and sharing their story with two people a day.

And the more a person treats this like a business, the more successful they are
Some people get involved to earn supplemental income and others to create financial independence. In an economic environment of double digit unemployment, Team Beachbody has already created over ten new millionaires and thousands of part-time income earners– all promoting a system that helps people get healthy and fit.

How will this end the upward trend of obesity where other initiatives have failed?
Without Team Beachbody’s intervention, current projections show that in 25 years, an unbelievable 86% of the population will be obese or overweight and the increases in lifestyle diseases like type-II diabetes and heart disease will follow. That is not just statistics, it is a plague projected to shave up to ten years off the life-expectancy of Americans.

But with this business model, we’re already seeing the impact of thousands of coaches reaching into their communities to get people healthy. Success stories pour in every day – and it is just the beginning!

Team Beachbody is taking dramatic action with this breakthrough business model. We are convinced that a program that rewards people financially for helping each other get healthy is compelling enough that as it reaches critical mass, it will actually be THE solution.

In fact, it is our belief that this sort of entrepreneurial financial incentive is the ONLY solution that can affect dramatic acceptance of the lifestyle change required to turn this trend around.

Let’s end the trend of obesity by rewarding the people who do the best job of inspiring others to get healthy and fit!


Cindy Ward said...

I personally cannot add anything more...I think this is wonderful!

Melyssa said...

You covered it all. Even before joining Beachbody, I always tried to make sure my family was eating healthy and not sitting in front of the tube all day. For kids, I do think it starts at home.

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Carolyn said...

The article is great Carl. The future trends in obesity are frightening. Beachbody is the only company I know of that is working to reverse this trend at such a large-scale level. Thanks for your innovation and passion.

Caitlin at the Desert Domicile said...

Amazing article! I plan on becoming a Beachbody coach after I graduate from 20 weeks of TurboFire at the end of March and CANNOT wait to share my success story with others and help them on their journey to success!